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Responsible Employees

When sexual violence victims are doubted or blamed, they may never tell anyone else or report the crime. Students often turn to trusted faculty and staff members to talk about their experience. That person might be an staff or faculty member.

 All USU employees are required to report any disclosures of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the USU Title IX Coordinator. That includes disclosures from students or other employees. The only exceptions are for confidential resources - those who provide health care, mental health services and victim advocacy.

Follow these steps to support a student who discloses to you:

Step 1: Inform

Inform them you will respect their privacy, but you may have to share some of what they tell you with Title IX. You may have to interrupt them early in the conversation to do this.

For example, you could say: “It sounds like you’re about to share something very important. Before you continue, I would like to let you know the limits of my confidentiality. I may need to report certain information you tell me to the Title IX Office. How can I support you?

 Title IX can offer many support services and accommodations to the student, even if they don’t want to pursue a formal investigation.

Step 2: Listen

Listen without blame if they would still like to discuss their experience with you. Avoid questioning or placing blame on them.

Step 3: Refer

Refer the student to services listed in the Sexual Assault Resource Guide

Step 4: Report

Report the disclosure to Title IX through the online for staff and faculty at as soon as possible. 

You can also reach out directly to the Title IX Coordinator: | 435-797-1266

Your report to Title IX will provide a first step for the Title IX Coordinator to reach out. The Title IX Coordinator will contact them by email to explain their reporting options and offer support services and accommodations. It is usually up to the victim whether or not to file a formal complaint and initiate an investigation. Even if they don’t want to us to pursue an investigation, support services and accommodations are still available.

Responsible Employee Handout