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Diversity Award - Faculty

Kristin Searle

Kristin Searle

Kristin Searle’s passion is working with Native American students to promote cultural values within education. An assistant professor of instructional technology and learning sciences at USU’s Logan campus, Searle is helping bridge the gap between the main university and USU Blanding by working closely with administrators and faculty in Blanding to provide more educational opportunities for the Native American population. With particular focus in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math, Searle has been instrumental in securing National Science Foundation grants to promote STEM concepts and exposure for Native American youths in the Blanding area.

Searle travels to Blanding regularly to work with the USU Blanding campus where she is an active presenter for its STEAM Expo, an annual event that attracts hundreds of elementary, middle and high school reservation students. She has spent many hours working to build relationships with the San Juan School District administration and school board members in order to provide pathways for students looking to pursue higher education. Working with Whitehorse High School, she has conducted teacher training and organized the annual Whitehorse Math/Science Conference that promotes computer science computation, paper circuits and E-textiles beading learning activities. 

In order to create lifelong bonds and to ensure continued success, Searle dedicates much of her time serving as a mentor for Native American students transferring to the main campus in Logan. She also serves as a department host for USU Blanding’s Native American Mentorship Program that sends 20 students to Logan for four weeks during the summer.