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Diversity Award - Community Organization

Northern Utah Hispanic Health Coalition


The Northern Utah Hispanic Health Coalition works hard to educate and promote a safe and healthy environment for the Hispanic community throughout the Bear River region. Comprised of more than 20 organizations that represent local governments, schools, law enforcement, community outreach and social service agencies, the coalition has strived to promote awareness of available services and to improve the health of the Hispanic population. Each member of the coalition serves on a voluntary basis and works together to draw upon community resources to promote a healthy lifestyle to underserved populations, thus strengthening the entire community.

From the coalition’s humble beginnings in 2003, it has grown to host a number of important community events with the goal of creating strong and healthy individuals and families. The Feria De La Salud, or Community Health Fair, is held every spring and provides services such as glucose tests, eye exams and dental checks. Health providers at the fair offer their expertise to the Spanish speaking community free of charge. Community organizations that promote healthy living host booths and USU’s Med Spanish Club provides on-site translation services. In fall 2018, the coalition hosted its first Caminata Familiar (Family Walk) at the American West Heritage Center with the goal of uniting families and promoting healthy activity. By focusing on strengthening families and healthy living, the coalition is able to address one of its establishing principles, the necessary topic of providing resources about substance abuse prevention, as the Hispanic population is at higher risk for alcohol and drug addiction.

The coalition, whose volunteer work to provide information and host activities aimed at the overall health and wellbeing of the Hispanic population is a valuable asset to the local community and, in turn, improves the overall health and wellbeing of the Bear River community.