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Sexual Assault Resources

If you have experienced a sexual assault (or dating/domestic violence or stalking), it is not your fault. USU offers support services to all USU students (studying at any of our campuses or online) to help you navigate your options. You can use any or all of these resources.

Ensure Your Safety First

Find a place you feel safe from further harm. If you're in immediate danger, contact the police:

Call 911 for emergency help.
Call USU Campus Police for non-emergencies: 435-797-1939
USU Police will provide referrals to police departments for USU students across the state.

Contact a Confidential Advocate

Trained advocates are available through USU's Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office and CAPSA in Logan (for Logan students) to help you navigate your options, help you seek medical attention, get a sexual assault forensic exam and connect you with counseling. If you are outside the Logan campus area, SAAVI can provide referrals to your local services and talk to you about your options. 

USU SAAVI office: 435-797-7273 (phones forward to CAPSA after business hours) | TSC 311

CAPSA: 435-753-2500 (available 24/7, 365 days/year)

Get Medical Attention

These resources are totally confidential and your incident is not shared. For a sexual assault forensic exam in the Logan campus area, go directly to Cache Valley Hospital. In order to preserve evidence, do not bathe, shower, use the restroom, change your clothes, comb your hair or clean up. Sexual asault forensic exams are available across the state from trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. Contact SAAVI or USU Police to find the exam provider nearest to you. 

Cache Valley Hospital: 435-719-9700 | 2380 N. 400 E., North Logan

For non-emergency medical attention, visit the Student Health Center. 
Student Health Center: 435-797-1660 | 850 E. 1200 N, Logan

Report the Incident to USU

Regardless of when the incident occurred, you're encouraged to report to the Title IX office. Sexual misconduct by any employee or student is against USU policy, and the Title IX office investigates accusations to determine if a violation of our policy occurred. 

This office will keep your experience as private as possible, but may share some information with USU employees necessary to investigate the incident or provide you with services. By reporting your experience to USU, you can also access measures that could include academic accommodations and changes to housing, work or class schedules.

USU Title IX office: 435-797-1266 | Old Main, Room 161

Report to Police

Police will address urgent safety and medical needs, determine whether they will investigate based on the facts presented, explain the criminal investigation process and initiate a criminal investigation. If you request they NOT initiate an investigation, they will honor that request to the extent possible.

Campus Police: 435-797-1939 | 800 E. 1250 N., Logan

Seek Confidential Counseling

Emotional and psychological support will help you process your experience and manage the problems it can cause. USU's Counseling and Psychological Services provides confidential mental health services and walk-in crisis appointments.

USU CAPS office: 435-797-1012 | Taggart Student Center, Room 306

CAPSA: 435-753-2500 (available 24/7, 365 days/year)

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