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Navigating the Title IX Process

Title IX Coordinator's Role

The Title IX Coordinator ensures that the campus community can work and learn in an environment free from any form of harassment, intimidation or violence. This is an administrative procedure, not a criminal procedure.

Standard of Evidence

The standard of evidence used in in the Title IX process is a preponderance of evidence, meaning the incident is more likely than not to have happened. Criminal procedures use beyond a reasonable doubt as their standard of evidence. 

Investigative Process

If a complaint of sexual misconduct is filed with the Title IX Coordinator, the University has an obligation to review the matter to determine:

  • if there is a preponderance of evidence to demonstrate a violation of USU's sexual misconduct policy has occurred, and, if so,
  • the findings are turned over to another office to move forward with disciplinary proceedings. The findings are turned over to the Student Conduct Office if both parties are students, the direct supervisor if the violating party is a staff member, and the department head or dean if the violating party is a faculty member.

Contact the Title IX Coordinator for more information:

Stacy Louck Sturgeon