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Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment comes in many forms and all are unlawful. The behaviors listed below have been shown to be sexual harassment when they are unwanted and accomplished under specific circumstances. This list only provides examples of sexual harassment, and other behaviors could be shown to be harassment.


  • Whistling or making cat calls at someone.
  • Making sexual comments about a persons clothing or body.
  • Telling sexual jokes or stories.
  • Asking personal questions about an individuals sex life, fantasies, preferences or history.
  • Repeatedly asking a person out who has clearly expressed a lack of interest.
  • Turning work discussions to sexual topics.
  • Referring to an adult woman or man as a hunk, doll, babe, honey or other demeaning words or phrases.
  • Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person's personal sex life.
  • Direct or indirect threats or bribes for unwanted sexual activity.


  • Paying unwanted attention to someone (i.e., staring, following, or blocking a persons path).
  • Displaying sexually suggestive visuals (includes emails, text messages, social media, blogs, websites or other electronic mediums).
  • Making facial expressions such as winking, throwing kisses or licking.
  • Giving letters (emails, text messages, etc.), personal gifts and/or materials of a sexual nature.
  • Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movement.
  • Invading a persons body space (standing closer than appropriate or necessary for the work being done).
  • Looking a person up and down (elevator eyes).


  • Hanging around, standing close to or brushing up against a person.
  • Touching a persons clothing, hair or body (could include giving a massage around the neck and shoulders.
  • Hugging, kissing, patting or stroking.
  • Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around or in view of another person.
  • Sexual assault/rape.