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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct can include sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, intimate partner violence, domestic violence and stalking.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from sex discrimination in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive federal financial assistance. Consistent with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Utah State University does not discriminate against students, faculty or staff based on sex in any of its programs or activities, including, but not limited to, educational programs, employment and admission. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence and sexual assault, is a type of sex discrimination and is prohibited by Title IX and by the university.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

USU is committed to maintaining an educational and working environment free from discrimination and harassment, including maintaining an environment in which no student, faculty or staff member is excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of its programs and activities as a result of one’s gender. The university has an obligation to take immediate and effective steps to eliminate gender discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Students and employees at Utah State University have the right to work and learn in an academic environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment or violence and misconduct. At USU, we aim to reduce the occurrence of sexual assault on campus by creating a community intolerant of sexual violence.

USU’s sexual harassment policies (USU Policy 339 and 305) apply to students, staff, faculty and other academic personnel. These policies help to facilitate an academic environment free of sexual violence and harassment. Learn more about how USU defines harassment and sexual misconduct in USU's Policy 339 Definitions.

The university is committed to responding promptly and effectively when it learns of any form of possible discrimination based on sex. We respond to reports of sexual harassment, including sexual violence, as part of our efforts to stop the harassment and prevent the recurrence of possible sex discrimination. An individual who has questions or concerns regarding possible discrimination based on sex should contact the Title IX Coordinator.