USU Diversity Handbook




Executive & Special Initiatives

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Advisory Council (AA/EO Advisory Council)
Diversity Handbook
Mignon B. Richmond Society
USU Diversity Awards
Self-Study for NCAA Certification
Campus Climate for Women Committee


General Programs to Enhance Diversity

Academic Resource Center
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Resource Library
Challenging Athletes' Minds for Personal Success (CHAMPS)
Children's House "Room for Everyone" Curriculum
Disability Resource Center
Diversity Awareness Programs
Diversity "Connections" Classes for Freshmen
Facilities Diversity Program
Fall Leadership Workshop
How Do You Identify
Leadership Exploration Resource Center
Mortar Board
Multicultural Center
Multicultural Student Services Office
NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Program
Panel of Religion—"Religious Smorgasbord"
Returning Adult Student Orientation
Reentry Student Center
"The Color of Fear" (a film by Lee Mun Wah)
Merrill-Cazier Library Diversity Project
Women and Gender Research Institute—"WGRI"
Women's Center for Lifelong Learning
Women's Sports


Academic Enrichment Initiatives

American Cultures in Film [ENGL 1600/HIST 1600]
American Studies
Anthropology Program
Bennion workshop for the Perpetuation of Democratic Principles
British and Commonwealth Studies Minor
Culturally Inclusive Curriculum
Department of Elementary Education Courses
Department of History Courses
Department of Intensive English Courses
Department of Political Science Courses
Department of Secondary Education Courses
Diversity Curriculum Strand
Educational and Multicultural Foundations
Fife Folklore Conference
Intercultural Communication
Interdisciplinary Training Program (IDT)
International Business Communication
Jazz History
Leadership and Diversity: Realities of the New Millennium
Managing Diversity
Multicultural American Literature
Multicultural Business Academic Organization (MBAO)
Multicultural Education Concepts in Utah Secondary Public Schools Research
National Student Exchange
Native American Natural Resources Cooperative Education Program
O.C. Tanner Symposium
Philosophies of East Asia
Social Ethics
Social Work Program
Sociology Program
Student Support Services
The Multicultural Mathematics Classroom
Ute Indian History
Valuing and Managing Diversity: Effective Leadership for the 21st Century
Western Historical Quarterly
Women and Gender Studies Program (Certificate/Minor)


Faculty & Student Recruitment & Retention

ASD Project
Academic Enhancement and Retention Programs
Agricultural Education Teacher Preparation Program
American Indian Support Project
Engineering State: Women and Minority Student Recruitment Program
Financial Aid Workshops
Financial Assistance Programs for Ethnic Minorities and Female Students
Graduate Training for Ethnic Minorities
Larzette G. Hale African-American Accounting Student Scholarship
Martin Luther King Fellowship
Minority Assistance Coordination
Minority Student Recruitment and Retention Program
Project 1000: Minority Graduate Student Recruitment Program
Senior Open Campus Day
Society of Women Engineers
The Native American Task Force
Utah Minority Student Scholarship
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors: Minority Student Recruitment
Jack H. Berryman Institute: Women and Minority Student Recruitment


International Programs

Analysis of Cross-Cultural Differences
Cross-Cultural Perspectives of American Culture
Cultural Awareness Programs
International Friendship Committee
International Student Council
International Student Orientation
International Visiting Professor Program
University Parking Initiative for International Students
University Police Initiative for International Students
USU-Costa Rica Affiliation
USU-Dominican Republic Affiliation


Outreach Initiatives

4-H Partners with 21st Century Community Learning (CCLC)
Agrability of Utah
Applied Agricultural Mechanization Curriculum
Bear River Activity and Skill Center (BRASC)
B.E.S.T (Building Educational Success Together)
Cache Valley Language Connection
Collaborative Early Childhood Special Education Program
Community Based Family Supports for Utah: A Continuing Systems Change Effort
Community Diversity Outreach
Cooperative Extension Service Staff Training Initiative
Cornell Corrections Facility - Salt Lake County Detention Center
Day Treatment
Education for Hispanic Farmers and Farm Workers
Educational Programs for the Ute Tribe
"Enhancing Diversity in the Workforce" Program
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
Family Literacy Bag
Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP)
Home Ownership and Financial Workshops and Counseling
Increasing the Recruitment and Training of Paraeducators from Minority Groups
Indian Children's Program
International Outreach Programs
Latino Youth Project
Logan High ESL Cooperative
Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center (MPRRC)
Multicultural Student Services Outreach Programs
Native-American Initiative
Native-American Projects and Support
Nuestro Futuro
Nutrition Education Program
Pride! Alliance
Project 2000 Wellness: Food, Fun & Fitness
Radio Reading Service
Reading for All Learners
Regionwide Technical Assistance Activity
Rehabilitation Counseling Program by Distance Education
San Juan Dine Career Ladder Program
State Prison Gardening "Green Thumb"
Summer Citizen Computer Classes
The Navajo Traditional Food Feeding Trial
"The Way Home"
Utah State 4-H and Diversity
Utah Legislative Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
Val R. Christensen Service Center
Videodisc Math Programs for Public Schools
Weber County 4-H
Youth and Families with Promise

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