Resource Materials

The AA/EO Office has a small library of books, articles and other publications dealing with a wide variety of affirmative action and equal opportunity issues. Topics include issues concerning people with disabilities, issues of race and gender, sexual harassment, and the dynamics of bias and prejudice. The AA/EO Office also has large resource compendiums that review guidance for the Americans with Disabilities Act Fair Employment Practices and other AA/EO related subjects.

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to call or visit the AA/EO Office if they would like to utilize these resource materials.



The AA/EO Office has used video presentations on numerous occasions. Videos currently available include:

A.C.T for Equal Treatment

Campus Diversity, Student Voices

Confronting Sexual Harassment on Campus

Harassment: Keeping It Out of the Workplace

Hire the Best: Steps to Successful EPA Recruitment

Intent vs. Impact: Employee Training

Intent vs. Impact: Management Training

Myths vs. Facts: How to Recognize & Confront Subtle Sexual Harassment

NCSU Hiring Procedures

President's Diversity Forum: Hate Crimes

Sexual Harassment in the Academic Workplace

Sexual Harassment: New Roles/New Rules

Sexual Harassment Orientation for College University: Classroom & Beyond

Sexual Harassment Orientation for College University:Supervisory Conduct

The Sexual Harassment Quiz

Sexual Harassment Scholarly Definitions and Everyday Realities

Valuing Diversity - Multi-Cultural Communication

The Workplace Hustle: Harassment of Women in the Workplace



Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to call the AA/EO Office, if they would like to utilize these videos at 435-797-1266.