Office & Staff

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Mission Statement

Institutionalize affirmative action/equal opportunity (AA/EO) concepts and actions into everyday operations and activities:

Advising and assisting the Utah State University community in ensuring an equal opportunity environment, free of illegal discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment.)
Assisting with proactive efforts to create a gender and ethnically diverse community of students, faculty, and staff, in order to redress imbalances and enrich the University experience.

Vision Statement

USU sees an environment in which every individual has an opportunity to learn, work, and contribute, and where full inclusion and respect for all people encourages creativity and productivity. The result will be students, faculty, and staff working together, serving and strengthening our local, national, and global communities.



Stacy Louck Sturgeon
AA/EO Director
Title IX Coordinator


                  Robert Nieman                                                              Carolyn Baker
                AA/EO Specialist                                                       Senior Staff Assistant